Frequently asked questions

ZappyCard troubleshooting

Zappycard comes with this website pre-loaded on it or your website if you elected that option. To see Zappycard in action simply tap your NFC-enabled smartphone on it, the NFC chip works within 2 inches of the smartphone and is located at different spots on different phones so move your phone until you get a read. iPhones scan from the top center of the phone while Androids scan from the center backside. Both phones work best on the lock screen while the screen is awake. 

If you are not getting a read:

1: Make sure your phone is not in airplane mode.

2: Your NFC chip automatically turns on when you wake your phone using the side button, it will not scan when the screen is off. Your phone does not have to be unlocked to scan but the screen does have to be on.

  • Apple iPhone's NFC chip is permanently turned on as long as the screen is active.
  • For some Android phones, you may have to go into "settings" and turn on "NFC."

3: Look at "Compatible phones" above to see if your phone is compatible. Only since 2018 have phones been able to read NFC without a designated app. All new phones going forward are expected to have this technology installed. 

iPhone Tips

iPhone Tips - Where to scan

On an iPhone, the NFC reader is located in the very top center of the phone, right behind the front-facing camera. The tag will scan from the frontside or backside of the phone.

NFC is always on, starting with the iPhone XR and newer (2018)

The phone must be unlocked to scan, sometimes the always-on display of newer iPhones is deceiving, make sure the user unlocks phone otherwise, it will not scan.

Android Tips

Android Tips - Where to Scan

Most Androids scan from the center-backside of the phone.

NFC can be toggled on/off in settings so be sure your NFC is turned on. This will be in settings next to Bluetooth and wifi. 

NFC defaults to on. The phone must be unlocked to scan.

Can I change the link on my Zappycard? 

Yes, there is a possibility to change the link.

If you have issues please contact support for help

What is the validity period of ZappyCard?

Zappycard never expires or has a review limit!

Can Zappycards be customized with my business logo?

We do not offer any customization

How long does it take to set up Zappycards in my store?

Zappycards only take 5 minutes to setup! Once setup no work is needed after!

Can I use Zappycards to collect reviews for multiple locations of my business?

Yes! You have to individually link each card to separate locations

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