How To Program Zappycards

Download the PDF Guide or Watch the Video Guide Below



Video Guide

*Please Note - Links Should ONLY Contain the Following

Johns Ice Cream Shop

Johns Ice Cream Shop

NFC Tools App - iPhone

App Store Link

ZappyCards PDF Guide


NFC Tools App - Android

Google Play Store Link

Byte Size Too Big

URL shortener

NFC Tools App Support

NFC Tools APP support

Byte Size Too Big

URL shortener

Google Business Sign-in

Google Business sign-in

How To Make A Custom QR Code (After Link Has Been Programmed)

Step 1

Open the NFC TOOLS app

Step 2

Click “Read” and scan your ZappyCards

Step 3

Click Record 1 (Your Link) at the very bottom

Step 4

Hold Down On the QR code to download

Step 5

Print Out the QR Code

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